Stock market interest bounces back after tech crashes.


The Dow dropped more than 165 points Thursday and tech stocks were led the way down. The Nasdaq tumbled nearly 1.5%, with tech leaders Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30), Google owner Alphabet (GOOGL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30) and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) all lower. Traders are letting their emotions get the best of them. According to CNN moneys fear and greed index, the market hit “fear” territory on Thursday. It later completed on “greed” on Wednesday. This system is defined as a measurement of why large amounts of stock moves…

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Pay with your face! Facial Recognition in China!

This is quite an amazing thing to have happened! ┬áChina has officially started utilizing facial recognition payments, meaning that you can use your face to pay! Facial recognition is taking several steps right now in China, from uses as far as payments in local KFC’s to dispensing and limiting toilet paper in public restrooms to prevent vandalism & theft. ┬áPrior to utilizing facial recognition for toilet paper dispensaries, it’s been used for Border Control and for attendance machines. The Chinese Academy of Science is preparing to launch a facial recognition…

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Supercomputer upgraded in Switzerland surpasses US as third most powerful

An Overview of the Supercomputer Systems Race For the past 24 years, the United States has only been taken out of the top three supercomputer systems twice. For a majority of these past decades, they have maintained the third position. A recent upgrade to a Swiss supercomputer has moved the the US Department of Energy’s Cray XK7 to the fourth spot on the list that rates these machines. This would make it the first time in nearly a two decades that it has been bumped down. The current top two…

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