Saudi Arabia security foils terror plot targeting Mecca Grand Mosque

Today in Mecca, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Grand Mosque as the Saudi Arabian security had disrupted a plot to target the holy site in Islam, just as the fasting month of Ramadan ends.  The interior Ministry launched a raid around Jiddah, as well as two areas in Mecca including the Ajyad Al-Masafi neighborhood that’s located near the Grand Mosque.

Saudi Arabian Security say that they engaged in a shootout with the suicide bomber which led to a three-story house’s collapse.  He started shooting towards security personnel once he had noticed their presence in the area, which let to a shootout prior to blowing himself up.  This blast killed 6 foreigners and injured 5 members of the security, 5 others were arrested, including a woman.  Saudi state television aired footage after the raid on Friday near the Grand Mosque, showing police and rescue personnel running through the narrow streets of the neighborhood.

The ministry did not name the terrorist group which was involved in this attack with neither, al-Qaida insurgents nor the Islamic State Group (ISIS) have claimed this attack, though, Islamic State sympathizers have urged more attacks as an offensive in Iraq as the extremists are slowly forced out of Mosul and their capital of Ragga in Syria which is under daily bombing from a U.S. Led Coalition.

Four individuals have already been released from the local hospital.








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