Sarin Gas used as weapon in Syria, according to chemical weapons watchdog


Investigations have uncovered today that Sarin nerve gas, was used in a deadly attack on April 4th, in a Syrian town.

The attack took place on Khan Sheikhoun, which left more than 90 people dead, which included women and children. It sparked mass outrage around the world as photos and video surfaced around the internet.

These videos included graphic content featuring children quivering to their death on camera. The atrocity is strongly condemned, and it also strongly goes against the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons wants the perpetrators of this horrid attack to be held accountable for their several crimes.

The investigation, however, did not appoint blame. It’s discoveries will be utilized in a Joint Nation investigation team to properly access who has responsibility.

The U.S. State Department stated “The facts reflect a despicable and highly dangerous record of chemical weapons use by the Assad regime.”

President Trump cited images of the aftermath when he launched his punitive strike only days after. This would be the occurrence wherein cruise missiles attacked a Syrian controlled air base, where the Syrian government was accused of launching the attack.

It was noted as the first direct assault on the Syrian government and Trumps most extreme military orders since becoming President only months earlier.

Syrians government has since denied using chemical weapons. They accuse the attack of being a ploy against the Assad regime as a provocation that was staged by people who wished for the ruler to take the blame.

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