Rightfully Glorious

*Work in Progress*

The year is 2032,
It’s been quite stormy outside for a while, so I thought I’d sit down and share a tale with you.  This tale is of when the world had emerged from its stages of greed, when the world becomes rightfully glorious.  This story I’m going to tell you takes place way back in the day, 18 years ago, year 2020.


It’s December 31st, around 0430 in the morning, I awake from a reoccurring nightmare I’ve been having for quite some time now, it ends the same every time, the world falling to its knees.  As I awake, I receive a phone call from my business partner, Josh Dimmer.  I answer the call to something I regret to be awake for, “Scott, I’ve got a headline for today’s article and you’re not gonna like it, I’ve been up all night monitoring situations around the globe, check your email for the article and my sources behind the article, please” I get up out of bed and walk over to my work station, I open the laptop up and connect to the company server, opening my email, I see the email from Josh, titled: “The End of the World as We Know It”.  I open the email to begin reading an article about how tensions around the world have been at an all-time high for the last 24 hours, being hidden from the media. I start making phone calls to my connections in each country listed in the article, to verify the emergence of war, the emergence of World War III.  After each call, I become more hesitant to call the next, as I’m terrified I already know the answer, each of them verify that their country is preparing for war and is activating their entire military.

“Well, the day has come” I spoke softly to myself,

I begin to get ready for the day, understanding that it may be the last day I have as a freeman in the current society.  I dress in all black today, black jacket, pants, dress shirt, tie, & cap.  As I finish getting dressed, I tuck my .45 into my holster and grab my emergency bag which contains up to a week’s supply of food, water, and plenty of ammunition for self defense, as well as first-aid supplies and some other basics.  Using my company walkie-talkie, I radio in for the helicopter to come pick me up, I feel as if it’s safer than using streets right now which may at any point become impossible to navigate through with wide-spread panic.

As I board the helicopter, I start to space out, not being able to think about anything but the best moments of my life; I knew I needed the motivation to lead people into success.   My company focused on several different areas, between international news, private militaries, & several large mechanic shop chains, I’ve always been a guy to explore into new adventures, and this is about to be the greatest of them all.  The helicopter drops me off at Head Quarters, roughly 50 miles from where I reside.  It was amazing how such a small distance could give such a change in scenery, as it went from a cloudy storm to a beautiful sunrise without a cloud in the sky.  I look around and observe things I’ve always seen before, the giant front door entrance into this amazing glass palace, with extravagant displays throughout the yard.  I walk into the front door to be greeted by Josh and a security team, “follow me, we’ve got a lot of work to do today” said Josh.  I follow him into the “Central Command Room”, as we walk into the room, the room goes silent, everyone’s staring at us, knowing that it’s gotta be very bad for us to both personally be in that room. “Alright everyone, let’s get this room onto a roll, I want surveillance of every military in the world, today our goal is to stay informed and to keep the world informed.” I said, pointing to select few, I utter “James, Victor, & Venessa, follow me”.  Josh & I walk into a padded room, secure from any source of monitoring, anything said in this room stayed in this room with confidence.

“James & Venessa, as soon as we walk out of this room, I want every soldier under our payroll returned home immediately, regardless of our contracts.  Victor, I need the barracks cleaned out and ready to hold twice the capacity, as of 1700 today, this company will start evacuating into the underground city” Josh chimes in: “Today is going to be a very dramatic day and will change the ways we live for the rest of our times, as the inevitable is to come, we must prepare and be ready”

We all walk out of the room, orders given.  The command room is packed, in the last two weeks, we’ve finished filling positions to ensure 100% capacity on employee’s for this sector.  Josh & I return to our offices in the Command Center and open our laptops, communicating through a secure, private channel on our walkie-talkies.  We begin to push the new article that Josh emailed me this morning, about an hour later, we finally submit the final copy of the article.  Within half an hour of the article being posted, we attract live news coverage outside of our headquarters, with reporters requesting answers that the government will not give them.  We’re not sure if we should go out and talk to them, to give a press conference, but no matter what, they’ll see our massive intake on soldiers as our men & women return from deployment and arrive from their homes.

We decide to give a conference, the time is 0900, we walk outside, and security has setup a boarder and stage to where we can talk to the reporters without getting trampled over.  In the far, all you can see are helicopters coming and going, dropping more and more people off, Head Quarters is beginning to look like a military installation.  As we thank the reporters for coming, we announce that we will not be answering any questions at this time.  Josh begins to speak, stating: “at 0630 this morning, we posted an article that the government is afraid to share with the general populace.  The information that we shared has been verified by many different sources.  This is a terrifying time for us all and the best we can do is extend a hand to the world, as far as we possibly can.”  I chime in to say “As of 1900 today, we will be opening the doors into our underground city, which has been in the making for well over a decade.  This city has the resources and supplies to sustain a population of over 30,000 people for up to 200 years, after our executives and company officials populate our city, we’ll have room for well over 10,000 citizens.  Those who wish to take this precaution; we’ll be setting up a designated area for you to be processed through once our officials have finished entering the city.”  We both thank the reporters and the people of the world for their time and wish the best to those who aren’t able to make it under the same level of protection.

As we walk back into the building, Victor comes up to us announcing that the barracks have been cleaned and ready for double capacity.  The barracks are ready, which means our soldiers who are returning from battle can finally relax for a few hours.  Josh assigned Victor with a new task to set a personal security detail of 12 at the entrance of the underground city and to start accepting officials and executives which have arrived early.

It’s now around 1300, there are nearly 1,000 officials in the city already.  I walk into the Command Center and announce “Those with a level 5 security clearance are hereby ordered to relocate the Command Center into the Emergency Room in the underground city.  Those with a level 4 security clearance are to help get people into the city” “Let’s go people!”  The room begins to disperse, emptying out like there was a deadly plague.  As one of the last few individuals with level 5 clearance begin to exit the room, one speaks up, “Scott!”  I walk over to his desk, as he’s still sitting and not evacuating like the rest.  “What is it Sal?” I said.  Sal replies “I think we may need to move our deadlines up, I just received two reports of China advancing their troops into Russia, everyone’s declining reinforcements to Russia”.  I think to myself, this is the first move of the biggest war humanity has ever known.  “Alright, Sal.  I want you to make a public service announcement stating that we’re commencing a full evacuation into Project Surge (the underground city), I want all personnel in Project Surge by 1700, gates close at 2200” Sal rushes to the microphone and restates what I said, the entire compound went silent just for a moment while Sal was announcing, it was kind of nice, a silence I haven’t heard in a long while, since all of this had started.  Though, shortly lived, once the announcement was over, all you could hear is boots on the ground as everyone was gathering what they needed and evacuating the building.  I turn on my holographic eye glasses and proceed to call Josh, “we need to talk, meet me in the Command Room” Josh acknowledges and hangs up.  It’s around 1500, Josh and I have been monitoring the world’s status for about an hour now.

Josh speaks up, asking “This is only temporary, right?  How many years are we estimating until we can rebuild our society, above ground?”  I reply “According to the reports that I’ve reviewed, we’d be looking at about 2-3 years underground if nuclear weapons are launched, just a few months if there’s no radiation for us to fight.  Trust me; I don’t wanna be trapped in an enclosed city under the surface of the world for long, either.”

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