Pay with your face! Facial Recognition in China!

This is quite an amazing thing to have happened!  China has officially started utilizing facial recognition payments, meaning that you can use your face to pay!

Facial recognition is taking several steps right now in China, from uses as far as payments in local KFC’s to dispensing and limiting toilet paper in public restrooms to prevent vandalism & theft.  Prior to utilizing facial recognition for toilet paper dispensaries, it’s been used for Border Control and for attendance machines.

The Chinese Academy of Science is preparing to launch a facial recognition payment application next year, which is told to be around near-perfect accuracy.  The Chongqing research institute says that it’s setup the world’s largest Asian face database with more than 50 million faces archived.

After the user installs the application on their mobile device and link it with their bank account(s) or credit card(s), it’ll take approximately one second for the system to identify the payer.

Aside from developing this application for individual customers for online shopping, the institute will also be working with brick-and-mortar stores and setting up facial recognition devices for payments at the checkout counters, allowing customers to complete a purchase without even reaching into their pockets!

At the current moment, KFC is leading in the fast food industry in China with it’s utilization of a separate tier of facial recognition, claiming that their system may also predict a persons meal and provide suggestions based on the persons age and mood.

While KFC’s utilizing this technology to help predict orders, public attractions for toilet paper dispensers, and even entering the Embassy, Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of Alibaba, currently allows its 450 million users to login to their online wallets by taking a selfie, while China Construction Bank is also allowing customers to use this technology to pay at some vending machines.


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