My Little Mienfoo – Chapter 1


Pokemon. Weather you love em or hate em, own one or many, they are always around us. But more importantly, they are our friends. Arguably one of the closest friends you have next to a human friend. There are times when you spend almost every moment with one another, of course there are a few exceptions.

This is where I come in. A veteran trainer who’s especially experienced in Pokemon battles like all the other trainers from my home region in Unova to even as far as Kanto. I battled against the best of trainers, all the way up to the Pokemon League and eventually challenged the champion herself. I won’t go into complete detail, but let’s just say that’s an entire story for another day.

Anyway, my name is Sean, and I been asked from a very wealthy socialite to take care of her Pokemon for the evening. Some may see this as the opportunity of a lifetime. For myself…well, maybe I’m better off telling you my experience.


It was nearing 5 p.m when I arrived in Humilau City. I stay quite a ways away, all the way back in  Nuvema Town in fact. The journey from home and back can get quite tedious, but I’m not the type to complain too much when it comes to traveling on foot, after all it helps to save money from alot of transportation expenses. I didn’t carry much with me aside from my backpack filled with necessities for a light journey while my belt held my pokeballs which contained my small pokemon team of three. I wanted to look slightly professional when visiting my client so I opted for a white button up collar shirt and black dress pants. My hair and facials were cut low giving it a faded look, which made my young adult look stand out a lot. Only thing standing out from the professional look are my running shoes since I was doing a lot of traveling on foot just to get here.

I arrived at my client’s home and rang the bell at the front door. It’s pretty crazy how a rich lady like her could afford to live in a mansion in Humilau City. This whole city is built on top of pier docks to represent its style and culture, but not this place. There’s the mansion which stretches out to approximately 65,000 sq. ft. of living space, the garden which is lavished with all kinds of tasty berries to eat, and the surrounding acres of land that Ms. G couldn’t think of what to do with.

In case you are wondering, I call my client by a nickname I made for her when we first met. Because she’s so rich, I got accustomed to calling her Miss Gold or Ms. G for short, because she could practically be rolling in gold with all her wealth. Not to mention, I couldn’t pronounce her real name even if I tried.

After waiting a few moments, the door opened and there was my client, dressed in all her rich glory. An elegant dress with matching sun hat, and lots of jewelry that covered her wrists, hands, neck, and just about anywhere you can imagine. Right down to the diamond encrusted lapel, which I’m not sure if possible unless you had the money for it.

“Oh! Good evening Sean, so glad you could come on such short notice. Come right on in and make yourself at home dear.”

Normally Ms. G has a long list of other helpful aids she requests help from before going with the last resort such as myself. Its only she would ask me for help when there was no one available. I was never one to turn down a request especially for a respectable rich lady such as her, but why ask for my help of all people?

“No problem at all Ms. G. I rushed right over after getting your X transceiver message. Although you didn’t give me a lot of details on your request.”

Ms. G stepped aside, allowing me entry into her grand mansion. If you think the place was big on the outside, you have yet to see the inside of this place.

“Oh I completely forgotten about that dear. If you’ll just give me a moment, I’ll clear it all up in a jiffy. OH MINNIE, COME HERE GIRL!

Ms. G didn’t waste any time calling out to the other inhabitant of her house, but I was no idiot. I knew exactly who she was calling, and I could imagine the room getting darker the instant she called out her name. A few moments later a tiny bipedal red and yellow Pokemon about 2’11 walked down the main stairs of the grand living room. Because the stairs were too big for its tiny form, it had to crawl down the stairs to avoid stumbling. When it reached the last few legs before her destination, it did a gymnastic flip off the last step into a cartwheel and landed on both feet just a few feet away from me and Ms. G.

“Oh Minnie, you know you aren’t supposed to show off in the house dear. Now don’t let me catch you breaking the rules again unless you want to go back into your poke ball.” Ms. G replied back to the Pokemon while wagging her finger at it. Out of all the people I came across during my journey, Ms. G is possibly the only one I know of who can keep a calm manner when disciplining a Pokemon.

There right in front of me stood Minnie, Ms. G’s pride and joy. Out of all the regal and graceful looking Pokemon out there that complimented their trainers, Ms. G was certainly a picky sort. Why not a Gardevoir, they flowed across the floor with such grace you could say they are dancing. Or maybe a Lopunny, surely they could show Ms. G a thing or two about stylish (yet attractive) looking Pokemon of today. Or…god forbid, a Gothitelle, sure they looked weird but even they could compliment her style completely.

Why out of all Pokemon would Ms. G choose a Mienfoo…and not just any Mienfoo. Doesn’t she know that Mienfoo live to fight and roughhouse almost all the time. Because of their fighting type, they live to blow off their excess energy by doing any physical activity they could think of. It may look all innocent now because her owner is around to keep her in line, but this wasn’t the first time I had a run in with Minnie.

“Now as I was saying Sean, I have some very important business to tend to tonight, but none of my butlers, maids or other contacts could fill in tonight. So I called you to watch over my precious Minnie for the night.”

Minnie rocked back and forth while staring up at me with a wide grin on her face. I would’ve swore I saw a tiny halo above her head, but I’m not hooked on anything right now so it was probably just my imagination.

“Oh dear, excuse me Sean I really need to go finish getting ready. I’ll leave you two here to get acquainted, if you’ll excuse me.”

Ms. G excused herself up the main living room stairs, leaving me alone with…that she-devil.

For the next few moments we just simply stared at each other, not making any sudden moves…wait a second, did she just wink at me? Minnie slowly walked up to me and looked straight up at my face. A smirk was beginning to form at the edge of her lips. Suddenly she spread her arms wide as if offering me a hug and shouted: “Mienfoo!

My mind flashed back to a similar situation like this.



It’s nice to meet you too Ms…Um…I can’t quite pronounce your name again ma’am I’m terribly sorry.”

“Oh that’s quite alright dear, my name is from a long line of nobles from my earlier generation. By all means feel free to call me whatever suits your young fancy *ahem* as long as it doesn’t sound too disrespectful mind you.”

“Oh I know, how about I call you Ms. G, which is short for Miss Gold. Cause you’re so rich. Get it?”

*giggle* “…like I said, anything you want that suits your fancy dear.”

“Sweet, then can I start today since we just met?”

“Alright Sean, till you learn how to pronounce my name, you may address me as Miss Gold or Ms. G, whichever you choose.”

“Sure thing Ms. G, and don’t forget, if you ever have need of my Pokemon training services feel free to give me a call on my X transceiver.”

“Oh aren’t you such a sweetie.”


“Huh? Who’s this little guy Ms. G?”

“Oh dear, that’s my little Mienfoo. I had her around the time when I was your age.”


“Why yes dear, I found her after she was released by a Pokemon breeder. The nerve of some people to release a young and innocent Mienfoo out in the wilderness all by her lonesome.”

“No offense Ms. G, that’s cool and all but why hasn’t she evolved yet?”

“Oh Sean…I may be into Pokemon, but I’m not much of a trainer such as yourself. I live such a busy life that I haven’t the time to train her properly. So I hire Pokemon trainers and personal aids to take care of her for me.

“Why not a daycare instead?”

“Well the first time we tried a daycare…it was also the last time. So now she’s either at home under care of my attendants or I hire trainers to watch over her.”

“But that doesn’t answer my question of why she hasn’t evolved yet Ms. G.”

“Well Sean…how should I put this…”


“Huh? Oh you want a hug eh little girl? C’mere and give your uncle Sean a hug.”

“Err…Sean…maybe you shouldn’t.”

“Relax Ms. G, she just needs a little love is all.”


“Aw, who’s a good little Mienfoo? Yes, you are.”


“Mien! Foo!”

“Aw you’re such a cutie.”

*mumble, mumble*

“Huh, what are you doing now cutie? Is there something you want to show me?”


“Aw…wait…what are you doing…”



“Mien! Mien!”


“I tried to warn you dear…”

“M-m-m-Ms. G…is your Mienfoo…”

“Yes dear…yes she is. And that is why she hasn’t evolved yet. Because not a lot of trainers stick around long enough to watch over her when she constantly does…that.”



I brought myself back to reality after having to relive that…awkward experience. I was still standing in my client’s grand living room with her devilish Pokemon waiting to lure me into a trap with her tempting hug.

“Mienfoo?” Minnie said once again trying to get my attention.

I looked down upon her in all her cute gesturing glory, but sadly I couldn’t bring myself to having relive that moment ever again.

“Nope, not falling for it this time girly. How about a pat on the head instead, hmm?”

I bent over with my hand reaching out to pet her, but she responded by slapping it away in anger.

“Foo! Mienfoo! Mien!” She blurted out her name in random stages like all pokemon do to communicate. Sadly I couldn’t understand a thing she said. But if I had to guess, I swear she was cussing at me in poke-speak or whatever their language is called.

She threw a tantrum for a good minute as I stood there attempting to make out how many times she swore at me simply saying her name. Eventually I just shrugged and turned away, but before I got even a couple steps I felt a force that was on par with an oncoming semi shoving me from behind. My whole body just flew everywhere till I eventually face planted on the carpet.

As I laid there on the ground, I knew no force could have come from anything else besides…Minnie. I was so pissed, I just hastily rose up off the ground ready to teach her a lesson. After turning around with my hands balled up to a fist, I stopped after seeing her hunched over with her face buried in her hands. A moment later I heard faint crying coming from her.

“Did…did I just make her cry?” I thought to myself as the sound eventually grew to a full on tear fest. To make matters worse, I heard footsteps approaching from upstairs.

“Sean, is everything alright down there dear?” I heard Ms. G’s voice echo from top the stairs.

I started to silently panic. If Ms. G came down and found her Pokemon in a bad mood, she would hold me responsible. This was the first time I seen Minnie cry, but I heard news from Ms. G that if anything, or anyone, made her precious Pokemon cry…*gulp*. I didn’t want to imagine it, but she was walking down the stairs now and I had to think up something to stop Minnie from crying…NOW!

So I did the only thing I could think of at that time.

“C’mere Minnie, come give your uncle Sean a hug.” I said as I knelt down with my arms stretched out, hastily trying to calm her down before Ms. G got sight of us.

The response I got back was probably the closest thing to good news I had all night. Minnie dropped the crying act and ran up to me while literally throwing herself into my arms. We snuggled for a few moments before Ms. G stepped into view range from up the stairs.

“Well then, I take it that you two got much acquainted quickly I see?” Ms. G said as she giggled at the two of us.

I stood there returning the laugh with a nervous smile on my face. What I was actually waiting for was that awkward moment that occurred when I first met Minnie…but it never came. Instead I got a tiny Mienfoo cuddling me in her arms.


It’s been a couple hours since Ms. G left the mansion, leaving me here with Minnie. I thought of a few things I could do to pass the time, but I settled for watching TV instead. After surfing thru the channels full of nothing interesting, I finally got bored and decided to explore the rest of the mansion.

Outside was a good place to start since I hadn’t had the chance to explore the garden with all the gardeners’ working day and night to keep the plants and berries all plump and ripe. Judging from the position of the sun, it was beginning to sunset so I had just enough time to check it out and make it back before dark. I stepped outside, remembering to lock the door behind me in case someone unexpected showed up and got curious. Leaving the mansion behind me, I walked over to the garden which was just a short distance across the yard.

As I walked past the archway inside, my jaw just hit the floor. Not only did the place look beautiful, but it also looked delicious. The whole place was split up into different sections for all kinds of flora. There were flowers, berries, apricorns, and even wild Pokemon that happened to come by to eat.

I kept my hand within reaching distance of the poke balls from the latch on my belt. The garden was a sight to see, but you can never be too careful. I was glad I thought ahead and brought three of my Pokemon with me should anything happen.

I pressed onward towards the Oran berry section to see it occupied by a group of Joltiks and a single Galvantula. The Joltiks occupied two bushes while the Galvantula occupied one bush. They stopped feasting as I walked into distance and stared at me. Immediately the Joltiks rushed off the berries and ran to hide behind the Galvantula, who shifted into a defensive stance.

“Must probably be a mother, taking her babies out to eat.”

I raised my hands over my head and slowly approached the Galvantula.

“GALV!” It roared at me with its mandibles raised up preparing to strike out.

“Hey, hey, calm down. I mean you or your babies no harm.” I said. I was trying to ease the tension by using some old tactics from my time journeying across Unova when handling aggressive Pokemon. I felt as though those abilities were a bit weak since the Galvantula stood her ground. It’s been awhile since I finished my Pokemon journey before taking a break so my skills handling wild Pokemon may have diminished slightly over time.

If taking the direct approach wasn’t going to work, then maybe something the mother would agree upon should work. I slowly reached for the plumpest Oran berry and yanked it off its stem. Afterwards, I once again approached the Galvantula with one hand still held up while offering the Oran berry held out as a token of peace.

I eventually got within a couple feet of the Galvantula and it wasn’t showing any signs of backing down.

“It’s ok girl, I’m on your side. Here I’ll show you.” I said as I slowly brought the berry between both my hands and broke it in two halves. I then took a bite out of one while offering the other half to the Galvantula. If I wasn’t being threatened via self-defense I would’ve actually enjoyed the taste more, but I still have to deal with this defensive mother.

A full minute passed and surprisingly, the mother didn’t attack me yet. Perhaps this is one of those moments that happen when Pokemon attempt to decipher good humans from bad by observing their actions. I feel kind of vulnerable exposing myself like this, just standing here without my Pokemon ready to defend myself other than a peace offering, but I can’t just battle a mother whose only feeding her babies.

A few moments later, the Galvantula finally made her move. She started off slow as she reached out with her mandibles in an attempt to accept the Oran berry.

“It’s alright girl, take it.” I said, coaxing the Galvantula onward to earn its trust.

Little did I know however, out of the corner of my eye there was a tiny yellow and red blur. Next thing I know, that very same blur shot right between me and the Galvantula faster than I could blink. I couldn’t see it clearly, but from the Galvantulas’ reaction she sure did.

I stood there with a dumbfounded look on my face wondering what just happened, but the most important thing however is half the Oran berry I had held out was…gone!

My gaze turned towards the direction the blur took off towards and there it was:


The tiny Mienfoo was laid back on a luxurious garden bench juggling the half berry in one hand. She stared at me with that devilish smirk on her face. Without warning, she tossed the Oran berry into the air and downed it in one gulp.


The hairs on the back of my head stood straight up. During that short amount of time, I had completely forgotten about the Galvantula. My gaze snapped back to the mother just in time to see her attempting to strike out at me with her front legs, which I barely dodged backwards from with a slight laceration across my hand.

Afterwards, the entire garden patch just exploded with anticipation.

I took off into a run out the Oran berry patch breathing heavily. The Galvantula, with its babies on her back, lumbered after me. I turned the corner leading out the garden with the Galvantula mother in hot pursuit. I was just a few more yards out this mad house when suddenly another Galvantula dropped from overhead, blocking my path.

Shit, this one must be dad, coming to his family’s rescue.” I thought as I stopped with the twin Galvantula closing in on me.

“I hate resorting to violence, but you two left me with no choice!” I yelled out as I reached for my nearest pokeball.



I walked outside the garden while heavily exhausted. Two Galvantula and a litter of Joltiks laid on the ground fainted, and I just finished feeding my Weavile the other half of the Oran berry I was carrying during the whole ordeal to heal it back up. I had no idea what I would’ve done without my Pokemon, but I’m glad I thought that far ahead. Sadly, Ms. G’s gardeners have a lot of cleaning up to do when they returned and saw the garden mildly devastated.

As much as I hated how my trip to the garden ended, I didn’t walk out of that whole ordeal empty handed. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a big, juicy sitrus berry. After dealing with that family of Galvantula/Joltiks and recalling my Weavile, I managed to snag a sitrus Berry before coming out the garden. The sparkle, shining off this golden berry showed that my trip here was worth it after all. My stomach grumbled just merely looking at it, and after that long battle I think I deserve myself a little treat.


I sighed as the stomping from behind me got louder till it was eventually right next to me. I slowly turned my head around to see a giant Scolipede staring right down at me…no wait, his eyes darted to something else. He lowered his long neck down till it was just right next to my shoulder, and I saw that his eyes were looking at…my sitrus berry.

“OOH no you don’t!” I yanked the sitrus berry just out of his reach before fully turning to face him. “Sorry buddy, but I busted my butt to get this sitrus berry! No way am I handing it over to you! Besides there are plenty of berries for you to eat right back in there!” I yelled as I pointed back towards the semi-wrecked garden.

The Scolipede simply stood there without taking his eyes off the berry. This started to get a little awkward…and amusing. I moved the berry to one side, and his gaze followed it. I moved it back over to the other side, and once again his gaze followed it. Next I moved it around in a figure eight formation, and he followed it just as I had expected. I started to giggle silently to myself at the way this big bug was being toyed by my berry.


I looked back up at the giant bug just before he lumbered forward and grabbed the sitrus berry with his massive fangs. I immediately yanked my hand away soon as I felt his teeth against my hand, not wanting it harmed further. I watched as he wolfed the berry down in one fell swoop. Afterwards, he turned and slammed his massive backside into me, knocking me off my feet, before walking back into the garden.

I simply laid there wishing that Scolipede came back to put me out of my misery. I was in pain, hungry, and mortified by wild Pokemon that I could have easily defeated. All I wanted to do was visit the garden, the very first stop of exploring my client’s compound, and it ended in the worst way any exploration trip could end. But more importantly, this wouldn’t have gone bad if that little…she-devil hadn’t been there to tick off the Galvantula.

Speaking of which, I haven’t saw any sign of Minnie since the whole battle started.

My question was quickly answered when she came skipping out of the garden, while carrying an armful of assorted berries that was stacked so high it literally blocked her vision. She stopped a few feet before bumping into me. I couldn’t tell from where I was laying on the ground, but I could sense a hint of laughter from behind that mound of berries she carried. Afterwards, she carefully stepped over me and continued onward towards the mansion.

I let out a long drawn out sigh as I slowly rose up and followed Minnie back to the house. The garden visit may have ended badly, but at least exploring the rest of the house would make this day more worthwhile…or so I thought.


This is quite possibly…THE! WORST! DAY! EVER!

Ever since I got back inside the mansion, I been struck by one bad luck encounter after another. First, Ms. G’s chefs, just like all her employers, all taken the day off. So scavenging for food that I at least knew how to cook was a chore in itself. Minnie wouldn’t share any of her berries since soon as we got back inside, she took off running somewhere with her fruity haul. I been looking for her berry stash ever since while exploring the rest of the house at the same time.

Second, no matter how curious I got when exploring this mansion, Minnie was always there when least expected just for the purpose of causing further grief for me. To make matters worse, she’d leave a trail of berry cores that lead off to a dead end somewhere in the mansion I have yet to explore. Sadly, I was stupid enough to follow it in hopes of finding the bratty Pokemon, and sating my hunger from any leftover berries she possibly stashed away.

No matter how much I look at it, today was shaping up to be quite possibly…THE! WORST! DAY! EVER!

I trudged all over the mansion looking for nothing in particular, so I settled for finding the way back to the living room to wait out the remaining hours until Ms. G returned home. What I found instead was more intriguing than all the other rooms I explored by far: the bar.

“JACKPOT!” was all that ran through my mind as my gaze ran along the lengthy rows of expensive and exotic looking alcohol. It didn’t surprise me much since I know Ms. G was pretty wealthy beyond what I already imagined, but just standing here inside her bar was enough to make me realize that fact all over again. After looking around the room, I estimated the massive row of shelves that held the alcohol ran a good 500 square feet in length which is HUGE for a single room especially one such as a bar. But enough gawking, now was the time to send my taste buds on the ride of a lifetime.

I vaulted over the counter to get a closer look at the labels printed on the bottles. Bourbon, Vodka, and Gin to name a few of the common beverages sitting behind the counter. Coconut Rum, Limoncello, Schnapps, Curacao, and numerous others lined the top shelf stretching out towards the left and right.

A thought just hit me right then and there, a thought so good that it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Ms. G’s bar held all the ingredients to make the world famous:

“Eeveelution Frozen Cocktails!”

My brain must have lapsed with glee just thinking about it, because I pulled out my X transceiver and started cycling through some old messages from a friend who sent me a list of the ingredients not too long ago. Afterwards, I pulled out a notepad and pencil and started writing down a list of everything I needed.

“I have such amazing friends.” This night may have started out terrible, but at least I can end it with something good to look forward to when telling my friends. After scanning over the notepad once more to make sure I had everything written down precisely, I walked among the shelves of assorted liquor bottles to gather everything I needed.


For a good half hour I walked around the bar slowly finding everything I needed. A handful of liquor bottles, snacks, and shaved ice. Nine clean drinking glasses. A drawer filled up with different berries I last seen back when I was in the garden (minus the plump sitrus berry). And immediately next to it a drawer full of…rare candies?

I thought for a minute wondering why a bar would keep a stock of rare candies stored away. Afterwards I shrugged it off and emptied out the drawer on the counter for later use.

“Hope Ms. G doesn’t mind if I take some of these.”

After returning the drawer back in the counter, I set aside the assembled items and got to work mixing some delicious cocktails.

Just as I was about to get started, I got the strangest feeling of being watched. I slowly turned around, scanning the whole room and found Minnie standing up on one of the counter chairs eating away on a berry in her hands. She looked at me sideways as if wondering what I was doing. I let out a sigh before giving her an annoyed look.

“If you promise to sit there and act like a good girl then you can stay and watch. OK?”

Minnie looked as if she didn’t pay attention to a word I said, instead her gazed was fixed on the pile of rare candies laid out on the counter. “Mienfoo?” Was all she said while reaching out to take one, but stopped and looked up at me, waiting for my response.

I looked at the bottles of alcohol and the other assorted goods needed to fix my cocktails. If I remember correctly, none of the ingredients mentioned anything about rare candies, and I wasn’t going to use them for anything important right now.

“You can have as many as you like, as long as you don’t bother me while I’m working.” I responded. Immediately after saying that, she snatched up as many rare candies she could carry in her tiny hands, before jumping off the chair and hoarding them on the floor. I shook my head as I finally started to work on my drinks.


“Can I make a cocktail or what!?” I said to no one in particular. Probably to Minnie, whose attention seemed to be elsewhere at the moment? After minutes of mixing different alcoholic ingredients together, there on the countertop stood nine drinking glasses all filled to the rim with their respective eeveelution drinks. I even taken the liberty of writing their names down on post-it notes to label them.

This night was definitely shaping up to be better than I had planned. Nine cocktail drinks sat on the counter top, and the best part was they were all mine. At least that’s my intention anyways, not like anyone or any-Pokemon could be here to join me in savoring this moment. I was the only human present, Ms. G and her employees were away for the night, and an eccentric Mienfoo was too busy stuffing her face full of sweet succulent delights to even bother sharing my alcohol with. At least I thought certain Pokemon could consume human beverages, but I could test out that theory later.

I thought in my mind which cocktail to consume first, all of them looked good so it was a hard decision. Eventually, I settled with tasting them based on their national number in the pokedex. So basically Eevee, the core of this family was going to be the first to get sampled.

I picked up the Eevee cocktail glass and took a sip. The primary taste that overwhelmed the other ingredients was chocolate as I suspected, with a hint of alcoholic aftertaste. It didn’t taste bad at all, in fact it was pretty good considering it’s sweetened alcohol. It’s only natural the first one should leave you with a sense of what the remaining drinks have to offer. Overall, I would say it’s a good starting beverage if you intend to drink all these cocktails in order.

I finished up the Eevee cocktail in a matter of minutes. The taste was an experience in itself, considering how a lot of sweet ingredients were thrown into the mixture. All that chocolate did was make me want to go back in time to experience that first sip all over again, or at least mix up another glass. However, it’s long past midnight and I wanted to finish these drinks before Ms. G or her employees returned home.

To save time, I sampled the Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon all at the same time. The tastes were just as good as the Eevee cocktail. However, as much as I liked to chug them down all at once, I still had to consider the fact that these were still alcoholic beverages. I had nine cocktails all to myself, the last thing I want to do is leave a nasty mess because I couldn’t hold my liquor.

“Maybe I don’t have to drink this all by myself after all.” I thought as I looked down at Minnie on the other side of the counter. I have a hunch that if Pokemon can ingest human food, then maybe they can taste our alcoholic beverages as well.

“Hey Minnie, come here and help your uncle Shean taste these cocktails.” I slurred as I slid the Jolteon glass down the counter, stopping at the pile of rare candies still laying on the table. I just realized the drunken haze was starting to overcome me. I was even more surprised when Minnie was quick to react when I finished saying her name in the sloppiest way possible.

She instantly hopped back up on the chair just in time to see the beverage skidding to a stop in front of her. For a few moments she simply observed the half full glass, wondering what to do with it. She then looked to me for confirmation, of course I remembered she had no idea what to do. I slowly raised the Vaporeon glass with one hand and took a sip from it, all in a manner so she could calculate exactly what to do step by step. Afterwards, I sat the glass down while trying my best not to fall over.

After seeing everything I did, she reached out to grab the glass in an attempt to copy everything I did. However, her tiny form was too short to reach the glass which was sitting in the middle of the counter. So she hopped on the table to get a better reach of the cocktail.

HEY! No standing on the counter top young lady.” I shouted at her before taking another sip of the Vaporeon cocktail.

MienFOO!” Minnie snapped as she shot a glare towards me while reaching for the Jolteon cocktail. I’m not sure if that response was an F-Bomb, but I silently giggled to myself just thinking about it. It was even more amusing watching her put so much effort into reaching for a simple glass.

She managed to grab the glass, but was having trouble keeping it steady between both her hands. Instead she left it sitting on the countertop, while using this opportunity to observe the glass much better up close. She started with licking the glass rim, which was covered in salt according to the directions with preparing the Jolteon cocktail.

I sat there sipping my Vaporeon cocktail while not once taking my eyes off Minnie. I hate to admit it, but she looked kind of cute licking the salt off the glass rim. This was the first time I seen a Pokemon consume alcohol of any kind, and from the looks of it, it started to look like a very amusing turnout. In a handful of licks, she cleaned the entire glass rim.

Next she attempted to lift the glass once more to take a sip, but she overdid it and instead drank it all on purpose. I thought she would slip up and drop the glass along with its contents all over the counter top, but instead only a few drops missed her lips while the majority of the cocktail was drained into her mouth. Afterwards she sat the glass down on the counter and licked her lips with a loud *SLURP!*

I couldn’t believe what I just saw, an entire cocktail was downed in seconds by a Pokemon. My eyes went wide soon as Minnie consumed the cocktail to the last drop. I wasn’t sure whether to be impressed or concerned, because I had no idea the effects of alcohol on Pokemon. I finished the last of my Vaporeon cocktail, then got up to check on Minnie.

“Hey girl, you feeling OK?”

She slowly looked up at me without taking her hands off the glass and stared at me for a moment before giving me a response.

“Mi…” Was all she could say, her voice almost like a whisper.

“What was that girl? I couldn’t hear, could you speak up a little louder for your uncle Sean?”

I leaned in closer to get a better response. I knew I couldn’t understand a thing she said, considering I was slightly tipsy, but I was just interested on what she thought of the cocktail. I was totally not expecting what she did next.

She instantly let go of the empty glass and her hands shot out and grabbed my shirt collar. My expression changed from that of a look of curious and concern to scared and shocked. I had no idea what made her escalate this way, nor could I imagine what she was going to do to me next.

My mind began to race with all sorts of terrifying thoughts the cocktail would make her do.

“Is she going to hurt me? Did she not like the alcohol? Was this payback for something I done? Please Minnie, for the love of all that is holy, don’t hurt me.”

She began to slowly inch her face towards mine to close the distance between us, with the sultriest look in her eyes. As much as I wanted to shake off her grip, she had a surprisingly strong hold on me than I could imagine for a short Pokemon. It was up until now that I completely forgotten that she was a fighting type, and strength was one of their main perks.

“Oh god…it’s even worse than I imagined.”

Our faces were now so close, our noses were literally touching each other.

“Mien…foo…” she cooed at me before she opened her mouth wide and let out a loud belch in my face. Then she released my shirt, and fell backwards on the countertop laughing hysterically.

I simply stared at her with the most annoyed look on my face, but after a short while a smile crept on my face. Eventually it led to a giggle, which I tried so hard to suppress, but I consumed two cocktails already that I was too tipsy to hold it in forever. Finally, I just went into a fit laughing along with her.

“Guess I kind of had that coming.”

Eventually our laughter died down and I asked her again how she liked the cocktail. She replied by attempting to reach for the Flareon glass which sat untouched for the entire time we been drinking. That was when an idea popped into my head.

“Hey Minnie, want to share this one with me?” I asked her while picking up the glass and carried it across the counter so she could reach it better. “Mien!” Was all she said? I assumed that was a yes, so I took a sip before handing the glass to her.


For the next half hour we sat there drinking the remaining cocktails. The Flareon drink we took turns drinking together, I was even generous enough to let her finish it off when there was only enough left for one person to consume.

When we got to the Espeon and Umbreon drinks, we took turns sipping one of each and switching them out between us to drink the opposite one. Minnie was so intrigued by the tiny cherry atop the Espeon one that I let her have that one first. I really didn’t mind much since the Umbreon cocktail was a mix of my favorite drinks separately. Whoever thought up these recipes sure knew what they were doing, I even have to give props to my client for having all the recipes stocked up in her bar.

We did the same for the Leafeon and Glaceon drinks. Once again I gave Minnie the honor of decide which one she wanted to drink first. However, both had a special condiment decorating the top of the glass, so she spent a good while deciding which to consume first. Since I already had a sweet taste from the Eevee cocktail, I considered Leafeon’s drink for her first which she was more than happy to accept.

The Glaceon cocktail was exactly how I imagined it would taste: the best tasting of all the cocktails I ever drank. I gave the sugar coated glass rim a nice lick, just to begin warming up to the sweet taste inside. Taking it nice and slow I took the first sip, and the feeling afterwards was so satisfying I just wanted to savor this moment almost for eternity. The lemonade and rum combo was the strongest of the ingredients, with the remaining mixed beverages bringing up the rear to make up the aftertaste. I took a few more sips to keep the effects running through me but if I had to sum up the Glaceon cocktail, the ice type definitely lives up to her name.

As I sat there basking in the effects the Glaceon drink had on me, I didn’t even realize Minnie was already done licking up the chocolate that topped off the Leafeon. It was only when she started tugging at my shirt sleeve when she finally got my attention. I looked at her to see her hands holding out the half full Leafeon cocktail towards me. Something however didn’t look right the way she held out the glass towards me, but I was too knocked up to even notice it more clearly.

“Mien! Mien!” She shouted at me while waving the glass around in my face. Surely she was trying to get me to trade drinks with her like we did with the previous cocktails.

Sighing to myself, I handed off the half-filled Glaceon cocktail down to her. She handed me the Leafeon cocktail and grabbed the Glaceon cocktail before returning to her spot on the counter. Deep down, I was saddened to let the Glaceon drink go. If she handed me the Leafeon drink while half full, no doubt she would finish the Glaceon drink before I had a second round at it.

I looked down to examine the Leafeon glass. As I expected, the glass wasn’t half full…it was half empty, almost completely drained past the middle of the glass. The chocolate which covered the top of the beverage was long consumed by Minnie, followed by the majority of the beverage sinking down past the middle. Frankly just looking at it, the mixture looked darker than I remembered after preparing it. I merely sighed and finished off the rest of the drink.

Minnie on the other hand was in a world of ecstasy. She thoroughly licked at the glass rim before raising the glass up to take a sip. I could tell she didn’t want to stop at simply sipping the drink, so she raise it even higher to down a good mouthful. I looked onward from afar to see the glass contents slowly draining away down that greedy little Pokemon’s throat. One part of me was happy she could experience the pleasures us humans could on a daily basis, the other part of me was a feeling of dread which loathed her greediness.

Eventually she finished off the Glaceon drink, and just like the previous drinks from before, licked her lips with a loud *SLURP!* Afterwards she slowly looked towards me, straight into my eyes with that sultry look from before almost as if hinting at me of something. Right then, the angry feeling inside me started to die down a bit. Sure I could throw a tantrum all I want since I wanted to have another taste of the Glaceon cocktail, but just seeing the satisfied look on her face was enough to make me return a heartwarming smile.

We stared at each other for a few more seconds before she arched her back and let out a loud belch again. She then proceeded to fall backwards laughing hysterically like before.

I looked down at the empty glass in my hand and slowly shook my head.

“What a way to ruin the moment…”

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