Latias floated into the room very silently, without so much as a whisper. Her head was looking down to the ground the entire time.

‘You can do this…just like you practiced.’ She thought to herself.

Then finally she cupped her hands together, lifted her head and took a deep breath.

“Master-” She began with her eyes trained forward with determination. “I was wondering…would it be alright if you and I had some alone time together?”

She paused afterwards, almost as if expecting an immediate reply. Her eyes shifted nervously to the side as she continued.

“I-I know that, considering WHAT I am might dissuade you from saying yes, b-but…”

She took another moment to compose herself, before finally speaking from the heart.

“BUT PLEASE! Don’t let that get in the way! My love runs so much deeper than species, my love won’t judge.”

She stopped suddenly, surprised at her own words. She blushed slightly as she looked to the ground once more with her hands on her chest.

“I can’t judge you off something like that, not after all you’ve done for me.”

She began to tear up, as she struggled to find the next thing to say.

“You became my friend, my partner, and you work so hard to keep my needs met…” She paused once again. “So, so the least I can do…”

She nervously raised her hands from her chest and stared at them almost as if wishing for a miracle.

“I-Is show you how much I care…” Her voice began to whimper slightly. “H-How much…”

At this point she was struggling so hard to get the next few words out, that she was already crying. Tears, swept across her cheeks and ran down her face as she raised her head and forced the words out between her clenched teeth.

“I…I…I love you…” She finally manage to say between forced whimpers.

She dropped her hands in relief, with tears still streaming down her face. A moment of silence passed as if she was waiting for a response. Slowly she floated forward while raising a hand and bringing it to rest on the mirror in front of her. Her ears drooped as she stared at herself pitifully in the mirror. A few moments later, she let out a hopeless sigh before slowly exiting the bathroom.


A minute later, she floated in the bedroom where her master was already sleeping. Her gaze fell on his sleeping form for just a little while as she made her way to the floor cushion where she slept. A Pokemon trainer doll laid on top of it, a toy she cherished as it was a gift from her master some time ago. She silently floated down towards the floor cushion and curled herself onto it, the doll sliding between her arms in the process. As she laid there on the cushion, she began to cry once more.

“Oh who am I kidding-” She said to herself. “Master would never love me like that…”

Tears continued to stream down her face as she closed her eyes and snuggled the Pokemon trainer doll in her arms closer.

“But I wish he would…”


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