F-16 Crashes at Dayton Airport

Dayton Thunderbird Crash

Earlier in the afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, a F-16 Thunderbird crashed and flipped while attempting to land after practicing for an air show in heavy fog. Officials state that the F-16 had flipped while taxiing after a strong gust had hit the jet. The United States Air Force Thunderbirds confirmed that crew members were conducting a “Familiarization flight” and that there were issues upon landing.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Penelope Reed stated that Write-Patterson Air Force Base had dispatched a heavy rescue team at the time of the incident to retrieve the two people aboard the aircraft.

The United States Thunderbirds have also tweeted that the crew of the F-16 are safe and in good condition at a local hospital.  At the time being, officials are still determining if there will be an air show on Saturday or not, this decision will be made following an aircraft & safety investigation.

The crew of this F-16 are Captain Erik Gonsalves and the co-pilot was Staff Sgt. Kenneth Cordova


Dayton Airshow is set to fly today!  After investigation of the incident yesterday, we’re looking at open skies filled with marvelous aircraft’s, minus the Thunderbird’s entry show.

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