China’s Naval fleet presents their latest generation destroyer


China’s navy ¬†and Naval fleet gets increasingly powerful, especially with it’s latest launch of their most advanced domestic produced destroyer this Wednesday. This is a supreme accomplishment especially in a time of competition with the United States, Japan, and India.

This new type 055 battleship entered the waters in Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard this Wednesday, according to the Chinese Navy’s statement.

The ship is equipped with the most modern air, missile, ship, and submarine defense systems. China is suspected of having plans to build four more of these ships for their arsenal.

The nation is proud of the new development and the advancements in their Naval prowess as said in their statements.

This ship is remarkably larger than the predecessor Type 052, which shows a great rise in China’s Naval sophistication and defense industries. China was once known for it’s heavy dependence on foreign technology, since these times it has created an aircraft carrier of it’s own making based off a past Ukrainian model.

China seems ever more prevalent on taking the time to challenge all the actions one of it’s bigger competing naval powers, the U.S. takes. There are already current threats of confrontation with Japan within the South China Sea.

China’s navy is undergoing an expansion and is projected to have a total of 265-273 warships, submarines and logistics vessels by 2020, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Naval Analysis.

To put this in perspective, that is comparable the the United States deploy-able battle force ships which presently sit at 275 in the US Navy. This arms race is narrowing down rapidly, at worrying proportions. At one time this was not cause for concern but numbers clearly show the times are changing.

The other competing Naval power India is getting increasingly concerned with their bordering nations recent advancement and plans. The concern grows even farther with their growing presence in the Indian Ocean, which is partially facilitated by a tight knit alliance with New Delhi’s rival, Pakistan.

What may play out could be extremely intense and have devastating results.

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