F-16 Crashes at Dayton Airport

Dayton Thunderbird Crash

Earlier in the afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, a F-16 Thunderbird crashed and flipped while attempting to land after practicing for an air show in heavy fog. Officials state that the F-16 had flipped while taxiing after a strong gust had hit the jet. The United States Air Force Thunderbirds confirmed that crew members were conducting a “Familiarization flight” and that there were issues upon landing. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Penelope Reed stated that Write-Patterson Air Force Base had dispatched a heavy rescue team at the time of the incident to…

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Officer stabbed in alleged terrorist attack at Michigan Airport

This morning in Flint, Michigan at the Bishop International Airport, outside of the T.S.A. area (security checks), the FBI began an investigation on a possible terrorist attack. The accused 52 Year-Old Canadian Amor Ftouhi, which first entered the U.S. on June 16th through Lake Champlain, New York had attacked Lieutenant Jeff Neville. According to witnesses, Amor shouted “Allahu Akbar” and blamed the United States for the deaths in Iraq, Syria, & Afghanistan prior to stabbing Lieutenant Jeff Neville with a large knife. Amor has been taken into custody and is…

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Russia Responding to US Jet shooting down Syrian Bomber

FA-18 SuperHornet

Over the course of the weekend, the United States military has done something that they’ve yet to do in over a decade.  On Sunday June 18th, a U.S. Navy Fighter Jet struck down a Syrian multi-use tactical bomber after several failed attempts of communicating with the Syrian Su-22.  This is the first time the United States has provided the orders to shoot down a foreign manned aircraft since 1999.  Through the rules of engagement provided, and in self-defense of a strike from the bomber, the Su-22 was shot down immediately…

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