What is Amazon going to do with Whole Foods?


What is Amazon up to?

I’m sure you may have caught wind of the recent purchase Amazon made of Whole Foods. Despite the fact that it has sparked the stock market quite a lot over the week following the news. This isn’t an uneducated guess, but I’d have to say it has a lot to do, with their “Fresh”. The success of this without some sort of edge makes me skeptical for any other company, but they are one of the kings of finding their cornerstone in the marketplace. They are a company of innovation. I should know, I had previously been employed by them in my teenage years.

The things I have seen I wish I could have told the world. Amazon is very secretive, if you work for them there is no phones, and if you get caught with one not only will the security go through it. If they end up finding anything regarding Amazon stored such as a photo, it would be termination for that employee. Imagine a warehouse, somewhat like Costco Wholesale. It has this LARGE and completely endless seeming section of coolers and drawers separate from the other part of the facility.

You may ask “Well if they already have these huge facilities, then why buy Whole Foods?”

There are SOME things Amazon cannot take off the storeroom floor, groceries were one of these exceptions .When I worked for the facility too many things we’re getting mixed up and expiring in merchandise bins, when they should have been in the fresh department. I think Amazon has saw a better model for their “Fresh” department. Whole Foods was likely the decision of Amazon, on the basis that the stores they opened up for a trial run, that mind you HAVE NO EMPLOYEES. Amazon had stores open up recently in Washington and the more eccentric California area. You would take items off the shelf and somehow it would charge everything you took directly off the shelf. The times we live in today.

My two cents is that they are making their first steps into the grocery industry, with Amazon’s special touch.
As far as I am concerned this is one of the biggest takeovers that the retail mega store has done yet. I’m starting to wonder as many shareholders have. If all goes according to whatever plan Amazon has, is another store chain the next thing to be swallowed by the retail giant? Walmart? Target? Only time will truly tell how this will play out.


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