Active Shooter at Alabama Military Installation

For several hours today,

Tuesday, a lockdown was put in place at a military installation in Alabama after an alert had been sent about a possible active shooter which was urging people on the base to “Run, Hide, & Fight”. The lockdown at Redstone Arsenal in Hunstville, Alabama had been lifted around 2:00 P.M. ET.

A Public Affairs officer stated that the investigation is still continuing at building 5301 which is the Aviation and Missile Command building in the Sparkman Center.  Movement around this building remained restricted until the lockdown was lifted.

The are no reported injuries at this time and the cause of this incident remains to be unclear.

Although an “active shooter training exercise” was scheduled for this week, according to a Facebook post from the Arsenal’s site, it is still believed that there was an actual possible event and that this incident is not part of the drill.

The toll of government employees, civilians, and contractors that work daily at Redstone totals to over 30,000 people that were told to evacuate to a safe spot until the lockdown was lifted.

At the current moment, there’s been no reports on whether or not this situation was a real life scenario or a training exercise, Redstone Arsenal is currently investigating whether or not there was an actual threat, however, there were no arrests made today.

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