About Vivian

Welcome to, Vivian, LLC!  Today, I’d like to share with you all a little bit about our company and the direction in which we hope to take it one day!

To start off, lets talk about what we do!

As we’re still setting up our game plans, we’re launching off in multiple fields, at the moment, we’re launching our main website as a three sector site, sharing International News, Technology News, & Short Stories/FanFics!  Though, our main site will probably grow throughout time, we’re also building a few other projects, such as: Don’t Go Yellow, which will lead into a Non-Profit Organization (N.P.O.) throughout the next year or so, Charleston Car Meets, which we hope to utilize to expand the Charleston car scene as well as re-link it tremendously to weed out the drama, and a few other amazing projects!

Now, lets talk about what we’re GOING to do!

As a new company in the everyday media, there’s quite a bit of different routes that we can take over the course of the next year or so, though, we don’t see these routes as a one or the other type of deal like most modern business owners do.  We see them all as opportunities, throughout the next few years, our goal is to host a successful N.P.O., open job positions online and offline, to help better our local and/or international economy, & to build quite a few amazing websites!  Not limited to an amazing store that we hope, may actually triumph against Amazon in the next decade to come!


We’ve got a lot of plans, we’ve got a lot of routes to cover, we’ve got a lot of people we’d like to satisfy, however, we’re here to satisfy the world and bring changes to the world in degrees that nobody has ever seen before!