The Temp Job – A Short Story

Some jobs are worse than others, and some are plain hell. When you’re desperate for money, there is no telling which job you’ll be willing to take. I remember the first job I took, years ago at a food processing plant. It was a place that made flavored powders, much like the ones you’d find in a cup of noodles in that little packet. I needed the money, and I was just starting off working this job hating it after only the first ten minutes. I was working the sanitation…

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China’s Naval fleet presents their latest generation destroyer


China’s navy ¬†and Naval fleet gets increasingly powerful, especially with it’s latest launch of their most advanced domestic produced destroyer this Wednesday. This is a supreme accomplishment especially in a time of competition with the United States, Japan, and India. This new type 055 battleship entered the waters in Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard this Wednesday, according to the Chinese Navy’s statement. The ship is equipped with the most modern air, missile, ship, and submarine defense systems. China is suspected of having plans to build four more of these ships for their…

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