Final Vote on Brexit Deal

Updating MPs on the sixth round of talks which concluded on Friday, Mr Davis told MPs they would still be playing a major role and “there can be no doubt that Parliament will be intimately involved at every stage”. The government had previously agreed to give MPs and peers a vote on a Commons motion concerning the final Brexit deal – before it has been voted upon by the European Parliament. Analysis Protesters waving EU and Union flagsImage copyrightAFP By Laura Kuenssberg, BBC political editor A confident government would have…

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Misconduct of Sexual Nature by Senator Response

McConnell says “I believe in women” after Moore denies the accusations On November 13, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Called on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to “step aside” after the women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. “I believe in women,” said McConnell. Moore denied the accusations. (The Washington Post) By Sean Sullivan and Elise Viebeck November 13 at 3:55 p.m. The head of the Republican campaign committee of the Senate said Monday that Roy Moore, nominee for the Senate of the Republican Senate for Alabama, “is not…

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Latias floated into the room very silently, without so much as a whisper. Her head was looking down to the ground the entire time. ‘You can do this…just like you practiced.’ She thought to herself. Then finally she cupped her hands together, lifted her head and took a deep breath. “Master-” She began with her eyes trained forward with determination. “I was wondering…would it be alright if you and I had some alone time together?” She paused afterwards, almost as if expecting an immediate reply. Her eyes shifted nervously to…

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US forms anti-terror deal with Qatar in the press to end ongoing dispute


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sealed a deal Tuesday to intensify Qatar’s counterterrorism efforts, handling a central issue. “Together, the United States and Qatar will do more to track down funding sources, will do more to collaborate and share information, and will do more to keep the region and our homeland safe,” he said following talks with 37-year-old Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Tillerson also gave besieged Qatar some political backing ahead of his talks in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. “I think Qatar has been quite clear in…

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My Little Mienfoo – Chapter 1

  Pokemon. Weather you love em or hate em, own one or many, they are always around us. But more importantly, they are our friends. Arguably one of the closest friends you have next to a human friend. There are times when you spend almost every moment with one another, of course there are a few exceptions. This is where I come in. A veteran trainer who’s especially experienced in Pokemon battles like all the other trainers from my home region in Unova to even as far as Kanto. I…

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Sarin Gas used as weapon in Syria, according to chemical weapons watchdog


Investigations have uncovered today that Sarin nerve gas, was used in a deadly attack on April 4th, in a Syrian town. The attack took place on Khan Sheikhoun, which left more than 90 people dead, which included women and children. It sparked mass outrage around the world as photos and video surfaced around the internet. These videos included graphic content featuring children quivering to their death on camera. The atrocity is strongly condemned, and it also strongly goes against the Chemical Weapons Convention. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical…

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Syria and Russia make accusations that US is plotting ‘provocation’


Syria and it’s allied nation Russia accused Washington of planning some sort of “provocation” in Syria. This would be accused of being the fault of President Bashar Assad’s government and use of chemical weapons to justify offensive action. A statement by the official news agency, Syria’s Foriegn Ministry said it denies the United States allegations of it’s involvement in chemical weapons. They were referred to as “misleading” and “completely baseless.” The objective stated behind these allegations was initiated to “justify a new aggresion on Syria under ill-founded pretexts.”  This is…

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Stock market interest bounces back after tech crashes.


The Dow dropped more than 165 points Thursday and tech stocks were led the way down. The Nasdaq tumbled nearly 1.5%, with tech leaders Apple (AAPL, Tech30), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30), Google owner Alphabet (GOOGL, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30) and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) all lower. Traders are letting their emotions get the best of them. According to CNN moneys fear and greed index, the market hit “fear” territory on Thursday. It later completed on “greed” on Wednesday. This system is defined as a measurement of why large amounts of stock moves…

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Army veteran beaten to death when trying to save two teenagers

James Farmer Jr. saved two teenagers from a brutal attack, and gave his own life in the process. The 62 year old veteran is now being hailed as a true hero. Farmer was asleep in his car in the Downtown area of Denver on June 16, when he heard the brutal attack. He stepped in to protect the two teens and the suspect, identified as DeJuan Stamps, 28, turned against him and savagely beat him to death. Farmer was a modest man, living out of his car whilst working to…

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The Temp Job – A Short Story

Some jobs are worse than others, and some are plain hell. When you’re desperate for money, there is no telling which job you’ll be willing to take. I remember the first job I took, years ago at a food processing plant. It was a place that made flavored powders, much like the ones you’d find in a cup of noodles in that little packet. I needed the money, and I was just starting off working this job hating it after only the first ten minutes. I was working the sanitation…

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